Monday, January 14, 2008

UCF Hires Joe Tumpkin as Linebackers Coach

UCF has hired Joe Tumpkin as Linebackers coach, reports The Orlando Sentinel. Tumpkin is a lateral hire from SMU. We at The Persistent Fool always worry about lateral hires from C-USA, especially lateral hires from a 1-11 SMU team that ranks in ESPN's Bottom Ten.

Yes, Tumpkin did help coach the defense that ranked 24th nationally against the run in 2006. Well, how did SMU do against the run in 2007? has compiled the 2007 rushing defense statistics (adjusted for opposition) and placed SMU at 106th nationally. Please understand that this is out of 120 teams. Sports Illustrated doesn't break down national rankings based on passing and rushing. But SI does note that the Mustang defense was 117th in defense overall.

Great hire, Knights. Great hire.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Persistent,

Leave it to us at the University of Pittsburgh to save you from Tumpkin! Glad we can be of assistance. Just another bad decsion by one of the worst decision makers in football today, Mr. Wannstache! Good luck this year. We're certainly going to need it at Pitt.